About the NSMYC

Founded in 1984, the NSMYC relocated its ‘Clubhouse’ to Carthy’s in 1990. An inscribed wall plaque recording all the Club’s Commodores since its foundation, is on permanent display over the bar. David Carthy has himself been Commodore on two occasions. The NSMYC’s principle aim is to cruise the majestic Upper Shannon waterways in company, and enjoy the hospitality and atmosphere of the many unique waterside inns and hostelries. The Club chose Carthy’s as its HQ ahead of many rival pub candidates! David’s ‘bid’ swung it for him because of his location and the promise of the odd late drink! Not surprisingly, many of the Club’s Rallies throughout the year finish at Carthys, usually with a BarbeQue, singsong and general craic. Of course, all new Club Commodores are officially inaugurated in Carthy’s, the Club’s HQ.


Over the years, the Club has also organised a number of Special Tours for its Members.

One adventurous tour (by water only) was undertaken in 2003 by a brave few to the Arran Islands. The trip was on White Dolphin, the boat of former Commodore Sammy Holt.

And in 2012, a tour was organised (again by water) by former Commodore David Eustace to Galway, to coincide with the Tall Ships Festival there.

Club Member Boyce Nolan even went so far as to cross the Atlantic on the Jeanie Johnson in 2002.

Ye Iron Lung (former Commodore Andy Fitszimons’ venerable barge) has made many annual trips to Dublin Rallies incl 2013.

Other overland tours were organised to London’s Camden Lock in 2009 and in 2012 to Carcassonne in France. Both venues were chosen principally because waterways ran through them.

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